• The Germanicus Mosaic (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 1)

The Germanicus Mosaic (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 1)

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A deadly puzzle from the days of the Roman Empire... Rosemary Rowe introduces Libertus and Marcus Septimus, in The Germanicus Mosaic, the first fantastic mystery thriller of the highly acclaimed Libertus series. The perfect read for fans of Stephen Saylor and Lindsey Davis. 'Demonstrates Rowe's pithy command of the Roman sleuth genre... a considerable achievement' - The Times It is AD 186, and Britain is the northernmost province of the hugely successful Roman Empire. In Glevum (modern Gloucester), Libertus, a freedman and pavement-maker, lives under the patronage of Marcus Septimus. When a body is found in the furnace room of a nearby villa, and identified as that of Crassus Germanicus, a retired centurion, Marcus asks for Libertus's help. A slave is missing and the solution to the mystery seems obvious. But Libertus soon discovers that Germanicus has many enemies, and he must use his mosaicist's skill to put together the pieces of a most deadly puzzle. What readers are saying about The Germanicus Mosaic : ' Has it all : good storyline, interesting characters, historical perspective and a mystery that keeps you guessing all the way through' 'A very likeable and believable hero and cast of characters and some neat plot twists ' 'A great introduction to a new detective, with atmospheric settings and an interesting take of Britain under the Romans'
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