• Epiphan Video EPIP-ESP0440 VGADVI Broadcaster Portable Audio & Video Streaming Device

Epiphan Video EPIP-ESP0440 VGADVI Broadcaster Portable Audio & Video Streaming Device

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Brand Epiphan Video

VGADVI Broadcaster captures HD video sources such as a computer monitor RADAR display or ultrasound monitor as well as SD video sources such as a camera feed. VGADVI Broadcaster can stream these sources as two synchronized time-stamped streams or a multi-source layout with customized branding. Streams Can be remotely accessed through web browsers media players mobile devices or set-top boxes. Streams Can be recorded to local storage and downloaded at a later date.VGADVI Broadcaster is easy to setup and Use and works straight out of the box. Once configured it does not require the Use of a computer or any additional equipment - simply power it on to start encoding and streaming.

  • Capture from screens or cameras at full HD resolution
  • Stream while recording
  • Manage and control either locally or over a network
  • Capture presentation camera slides and voice simultaneously
  • Supports VGA DVI HDMI S-Video composite & RGB component
  • Use it everywhere - it's portable with no software to install
  • Stream directly to set-top boxes smart TVs and electronic signs via MPEG-TS
  • Single stream or Independent streaming and recording
  • This diagram shows how easy it is to connect two video sources and an audio source
  • To Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster and start live streaming to an audience of 10 or 1000s using CDNs
  • Captures combines and streams audio full HD video and SD video
  • Laptop with custom layout
  • Choose to display the video from one or both video sources display the video side-by-side or picture in picture.
  • VGADVI Broadcaster automatically scales inputs to match your configured layout settings
  • Add your corporate color as a background and your company logo the date time an
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