• Online Gym Shops CB1533 Garment Closet Rubbermaid 60 in.

Online Gym Shops CB1533 Garment Closet Rubbermaid 60 in.

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The Rubbermaid Garment Closet is great for seasonal storage allowing you to stow away winter items such as ski jackets scarves heavy sweaters and more. It's also perfect for storing your summer wardrobe - use this garment closet to store your summer dresses shorts and swimsuits. The Rubbermaid Garment Closet works well for both long and short term storage especially if you're travelling for an extended period or need additional closet space to supplement your wardrobe. This versatile garment closet has a breathable fabric cover that helps prevent mildewing and keeps moisture from accumulating. A clear window allows you to easily see the contents.

  • Breathable fabric cover to help prevent mildewing or accumulated moisture
  • Perfect for seasonal clothing storage such as ski jackets or summer dresses
  • Clear window allows clear visibility of contents
  • Great for travelers
  • Perfect for those who need additional closet space
  • Works well for both short or long term storage
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