• Gryphon House 12753 Preschool Math Book - Paperback

Gryphon House 12753 Preschool Math Book - Paperback

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The authors of Preschool Math--a scientist a Montessori teacher and an Emergent Curriculum advocate--come from different backgrounds and all offer unique expertise to the book. This combination gives the book a particularly interesting and stimulating approach and makes the book usable for any teacher. Preschool Math encourages teachers to listen to and observe young children to better understand how they think about their world. The book uses these prompts to expand into useful and appropriate math experiences. Teachers will encourage children to use their senses and bodies to explore ideas record and talk about the concepts and to learn how math feels tastes and looks. Activities in Preschool Math use the scientific ideals of testing evaluating exploring experimenting problem solving making guesses and forming a hypothesis while utilizing interesting materials and environments in mathematical ways.

  • Each activity includes assessment following standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Activities are geared for a range of ages and abilities and many types of learning environments.
  • Experiences included in the book originate in childrens own explorations of math concepts in day-to-day play.

  • Preschool Math encourages hands-on playful and child-focused experiences that guide children towards a sound understanding of the basic math concepts.
  • Preschool Math encourages teachers caregivers students and parents to create math experiences from everyday events and materials.
    Preschool Math encourages childrens thoughtful considerations theory development and logical exploration. It discourages interrogation or forcing a yes or no answer. Teachers are encouraged to observe childrens play when introducing math concepts or environment in ways that are appropriate at that time and for those childr
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