• Alfred 00-30539 Creating Music Series- Hearing Music - Music Book

Alfred 00-30539 Creating Music Series- Hearing Music - Music Book

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Brand Alfred
Now children can experience music at the most basic level before ever picking up an instrument or learning to read! Morton Subotnicks series of interactive music games facilitates experimenting with the fundamentals of pitch rhythm and sounds of various instruments and styles of music. Children learn what it means to play a high or low note soft or loud and fast or slow with lovable characters and detailed explanations to guide them along the way! This series of fun-filled games breaks musical concepts down to patterns visuals and easy exercises. Children learn to identify different sections of music nuances in a melody and changes in rhythm all by listening to songs by the worlds most famous composers. Explore the elements that build music; hear musical differences in endings repetitions and variations; compare differences in the music you hear; link musical phrases in the proper order; see what you hear by matching the musical notation to the sound clip; learn the difference between same and similar; grow from beginner to advanced with three levels for each game. For Parents and Teachers: Easy tools let you track progress and manage multiple players. An integrated help menu provides audio instructions for each game. Ages 5 and up.
  • Series: Computer Software CD-ROM.
  • Division: Creating Music.
  • Format: CD-ROM.
  • Length: 12.
  • Width: 9.
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